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18. Eggcited


Kimber Fiebiger, MN


I have been creating sculptures for over 30 years; to create my artwork I use the ancient art form of transforming a clay sculpture into a work of bronze, which requires skills and years of experience in several areas.  My bronze statues are fun, whimsical, and created in to positions that illustrate movement. Their friendly appearance and energy filled poses exemplify my ongoing interest in engaging the public into an experience that creates a tactile interaction between the viewer and the piece. All these pieces, with their humorous expressions, present a fascinating contradiction to the seriousness of bronze casting, the traditional sculpting method I use.


Egggcited was created as a tribute to those who still get the excitement of a good book collection. He’s sitting on a stack of books with very interesting titles: “Discovering the Uneggspected”, “Eggciting Solutions” and “Off the Wall Thinking" to them a few.  This egg was crafted from bronze and specialty acrylic paint using lost wax method. 


Eggcited can be purchased for $7,100. 

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