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Picasso's Violin

Jodie Bliss, Colorado

Jodie Bliss works primarily in forged metals, often with the incorporation of blown or stained glass.  Her focus is on creating beautiful and compelling artwork through research and development of an idea or concept, design and finally execution. 

Jodie holds a M.F.A. Sculpture as well as a B.A. in Creative Writing and a B.F.A. in Fine Art Sculpture.  Her passion for study of the human character motivates much of her work.

Jodie can be found showing her work at juried fine art shows across the nation, or at her studio with on site gallery in Monument, Colorado.

Picasso's Violin evokes a feeling of playful dance, movement and the relationship between the musician, the music itself, and the dancer.  A whimsical celebration of this creative force, this powerful piece presents not only a striking initial impression, but invites the viewer to come in close and explore the many hand forged details in the cross bars, as well as the intriguing and rare technique used to present the glass work.

The main structure of this piece is cut from 1/4'' mild steel plate.  It was then "laced together by hand forged steel cross members with beautiful details of twists and patterns forged into them red hot.

Steel "cages" were created for the circular details in the pieces and into these cages glass was blown.

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