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To Focus

Ben Pierce, Missouri 

Ben Pierce lives and works in rural Southeast Missouri, where he was born. Raised on traditional values, honesty and hard work Pierceserved 4 years in the military before attending and graduating from Southeast Missouri State University with a Bachelors of Fine Arts. .” I knew there was not going to be a [sculpture] ‘job’ waiting for me [after college] and that I would have to find my own way, and that takes diligence”.Negative space is a large aspect of Pierce's work that helps to create tension to capture and focus space

The body of To Focus has a natural weathered look. the oculus is painted a bright blue.

To Focus was fabricated using a 1/8'' steel into the oculus shape. Using structural 1/4'' steel tubing for the body and 3/4'' steel plate for the base. mask off and prime and paint the oculus.

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