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Solar Wind

Patricia Vader, California

Patricia Vader is a California-based metal sculptor specializing in public art, with sculptures displayed in cities and parks nationwide. Her first public artwork was purchased by the City of Orinda, California in 2011. More acquisitions by American cities followed as well as several commissions for public art. Her sculptures, many of them kinetic, are innovative, playful, uplifting and unique in their design and materials used. They appeal to people of all ages and backgrounds. Her work is maintenance free, resists the weather and public interaction and conforms to all public safety rules.

This sculpture is modeled on my German shepherd Merlot, a huge dog with a friendly face and big triangular ears, who loves traveling and meeting people and is an entertaining companion on all my sculpture installation trips. The dog’s shiny round nose invites petting.

The sculpture’s frame work are bolted-together aluminum tubes. The dog face is cut out of thick aluminum plate and the eyes and nose are made with bicycle parts and other carefully selected objects. The sculpture is powder coated.

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