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Fisherman's Wharf


Gregory Johnson, Georgia

The human figure has always intrigued me – I started drawing people at the age of six and I’ve never stopped. Blessed with many great teachers and opportunities, I first studied at the Art Institute of Chicago in junior high. The creation and appreciation of art was where I instantly felt a sense of wonderment, comfort and personal challenge.

Art scholarships sent me to BGSU of Ohio, Europe and ISU of Illinois, where I earned a Masters of Art in 1981 and began my professional career as a painter. But creating the illusion of depth on a flat canvas felt constricting, and in 1990 I began sculpting everyday contemporary life, depicting the sort of’ soup we live in’. Movement, classical proportions, geometric shapes and secondary metals give the traditional nature of the statues a contemporary feel.

Gregory Johnson creates sculptures that are so life-like that children and adults may often be found smiling, laughing and talking to them. He believes in animated, softly detailed compositions that are realistically modeled, and maintain classical proportions.  Compositions are crafted to suggest interaction and geometric shapes are added to create interest. With texture, and supporting elements, the artist is able to express his unique perception within the large oeuvre of works that currently exist on the planet.

With commissions in 35 states and 7 countries, I am fortunate to be one of an elite group of sculptors whose public art touches tens of thousands of lives each day. I currently work on both traditional and modern compositions in my North Georgia studio.

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