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Where Dreams Begin 


Marianne Caroselli

Life as an artist has been rewarding for Marianne Caroselli.  While most children were outside playing, she was creating and painting original ceramic artworks. At age 10, she started her own ceramics business, which she continued for fifteen years. She attended the Newark School of Fine and Industrial Arts, receiving a degree in Interior Design.

Over the years, she kept up her ceramic business, meanwhile she began to explore oil paints. Giving up the ceramic business, she devoted her time to painting oils. Moving from New Jersey in to settle in the wide-open space of Texas in 1972, Caroselli and her family set out, with no promise of a job for her husband and not knowing where they were going to live, to begin a new adventure.

Selecting a small country town to settle in, Marianne began her career using the many horses, cows, dogs, cats, and burros on the ranch as models. A big break came when Leanin’ Tree, a prestigious greeting card company, chose her work to be reproduced on greeting cards, posters and mugs. Shortly thereafter, a company out of New York commissioned her to produce paintings for prints, followed by a calendar company selecting her work for their calendars entitled “Artist of America” and “Cowboy Artists”.

In 1979, Caroselli began sculpting after a fellow artist taught her the basics of sculpting. Later, she attended juried classes at the Cowboy Artist of America Museum in Kerrville, TX. Using skills mastered through painting, Caroselli was able to capture the youth joy and light of the people and animals she sculpted making her works an instantaneous sensation.

Caroselli has completed many notable commissions, including a bronze sculpture in memory of the courageous men who died in World War II. The six-foot high bronze now has a place of honor on the Court House lawn in Canadian, TX. Caroselli’s work is collected by such notable as Burt Reynolds, Daniel Stern, Wayne Newton, Byron Nelson, Pat Summerall, as well as many corporate collections, and cities thru out the United States.

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