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Justin Deister, Colorado

I studied design at MSU in Springfield, MO for a BFA, enjoyed a year at the Kansas City Art Institute preparing for a masters in graphic design in Richmond, VA. Professionally, I have provided creative services for law, travel and tourism, taught elementary school art and advanced courses in design at Colorado State University. My brand and corporate communications work has appeared in Communication Arts Magazine, American Corporate Identity and Color Management For Logos.
In my fine art, I allow origins to remain clouded, paths to be nonlinear and incomplete. Mystery is more fun! In the ambiguous and subjective, interesting relationships are created, and for the viewer, there may be meaningful self-discovery. When I bring objects and elements of design together, memories and associations generate new relationships and tell new stories. If the viewer suspends judgement and patiently listens, form and content may whisper an idea. It is neither right nor wrong - only ones’  personal response.
My public art pieces have exhibited along the front range in Colorado, in Kansas, Idaho and Napa, California.
My wife and I enjoy living in Boulder County, Colorado where hike, bike and camp the mountains and find among them inspiration and renewal.

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