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Soundshapes II 

Darin and Shannon White, White Art Studio, Kansas

WHITE ART STUDIO is a visual art studio located in Lawrence, Kansas, where Darin and Shannon collaborate to create innovative and often interactive public artwork. As White Art Studio they have collaborated on a number of award winning public art projects and have used cutting edge technology such as programmable LED lighting, CNC machining, 3-D printing, laser and plasma cutting, as well as metal and wood fabrication, stone and glass work and many other materials and processes.

“Soundshape II” explores ideas of translating light and sound waves through multi-sensory engagement. With the Sound Shape Series, we incorporate 3-D sculpture elements with soundwave shapes cut out of the metal that are both crowdsourced and intuited, and the cylinder represents a form that is often used as a conduit for sound. The interactive collaboration with the public is based on the their mission to create understanding within the community. The negative forms perforate the metal and allow the light to project through them during the day or night.

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