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Soul Support​

Ruth Burink, Texas

Ruth Burink
(b. 1946, New York)
Sculptor Ruth Burink is a full time artist working in the Abstract Figurative style in San Antonio, TX. Her degree is in English Literature with Fine Art support work from the University of Texas at San Antonio and she continues to educate her mind and her art.
Burink has lived and traveled throughout the world and has seen her art influenced by universal ideas and styles. She has participated in shows in the United States, Asia, and Europe. Ruth Burink’s work is in national galleries and is collected internationally by individuals and institutions.

The white marble figure leans into a blue aluminum support representing the dependence we have among us, the need and freely given support we share as human beings for one another. The white marble figure was carved by the artist using various pneumatic, electric and hand tools, then hand sanded. The blue support was constructed of aluminum at the artist's request and design and is powder coated.

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