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Duck Parade

Mike Dwyer, Colorado

Mike's eye for composition and detail are evident in each bronze sculpture.  His works are found in both public and private collections around the world and he has been honored with Juror's and People's choice awards for his life like expressions of both children and wildlife.

A life size limited edition bronze composition of a hen mallard and her six ducklings following her single file.  Duck Parade is a both highly detailed and whimsical expression of nature. Everyone that encounters this sculpture stops to reflect of a memory and brings a smile to their face.

The original models for the Mother duck and six ducklings are sculpted from clay and wax.  A rubber mold is made from each model.  Hot wax is then poured into the rubber mold to make a hollow wax replication.  The foundry then casts the bronze from the hollow wax replications.  The bronze casting is then metal chased to clean and detail the bronze texture in preparation for the hot patina chemical application.

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