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Light Hearted Drummer 

Jodie Bliss, Colorado

Jodie Bliss works primarily in forged metals, often with the incorporation of blown or stained glass.  Her focus is on creating beautiful and compelling artwork through research and development of an idea or concept, design and finally execution. 

Jodie holds a M.F.A. Sculpture as well as a B.A. in Creative Writing and a B.F.A. in Fine Art Sculpture.  Her passion for study of the human character motivates much of her work.

Jodie can be found showing her work at juried fine art shows across the nation, or at her studio with on site gallery in Monument, Colorado.

This piece is representational of the drummer, the bringer of the beat, and the rhythm of music and dance.

The drum mandala is made of four colors of glass, which capture the day's changing lights. It is the focal point of the piece. The drummer's human form takes a back seat to the instrument. This is a reflection of the way the human body and soul melds itself with rhythm and dance, allowing the dancer and the music to let go of the human condition, however momentarily and to be at one with the freedom of music.

The main structure of this piece is plasma cut steel which is laced together up the backside with round steel rods.  The "drum" portion of the piece is made of four symmetrical discs, plasma cut with a design into which hand cut pieces of stained glass have been mounted.  The stained glass is sandwiched between two plates of 1/8'' steel, a process brought into practice by Jodie Bliss, which adds incredible strength and resilience to the stained glass structure when presented in an exterior setting.

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