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Reven Marie Swanson, Colorado

Reven Marie Swanson is a native Coloradan and professional sculptor following graduation from the University of Colorado, Boulder in 1988. As a stone carver, she lived and carved in Italy.  In 1993, she became an apprentice to the monumental sculptor, Robert Mangold, assisting with sculptures for the Chicago Pier Walk and The Whitehouse.

Highlighted commissions are throughout the Rocky Mountain region and the West.  She installs many temporary outdoor installations leased by city municipalities.  She works closely with city officials and installation crews successfully exhibiting a dozen works each year.

"Matelasse" is part of series taking age-old sewing techniques and converting them to large steel construction.  The sculpture has been formed using 1/4"-plate steel and reinforced with cathedral joints. The surface was created through layers of engraving the surface, marking it with Sharpie, two-part powder coat, enamel paint, then finished in a clear coat.  It is an inventive process developed by the sculptor.

The sculpture is made of highly durable materials and will not require maintenance throughout the exhibition period. There are three (3) feet with two (2) bolt holes each to secure to the pedestal base.

Inspired by an age-old sewing technique to create a skirt waistband, the metal roll is off-set and sewn (welded) and trimmed in a circular pattern as would the fabric pattern.

Using a large roll at a local boiler-maker fabrication shop, the metal is rolled and welded, just as I did as a youngster putting together my first “wrap-around” skirt.  The giant metal strip is then pulled by chains and wedges into a continuous strip.  The result is a steel construction that bounces, sways and engages viewers.

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