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3. Ego Sive Natura


Ezio Cicciarella  (Ignazio)  ~  Italy



Ezio Cicciarella mirrors his work between childhood and nature, and seems to release himself from a society in which man has lost his disenchantment toward the natural environment.  He does this in a time that appears dominated by a real conflict between the natural and social life of the civilized man. As a result, man appears continuously forced to make sacrifices and restrictions. The sculptor, like a child, in front of a bare stone, seems to answer to a specific desire: to release himself from the bonds that isolate and force him to an unnatural life. He wants, only then, to destroy that prison of which man has willingly become prisoner.  Therefore nature, perfect in its imperfection with its unlimited parts and possibilities, unveils itself through the sculptor’s mudded hands.  Thanks to this cathartic action, the artist discovers his childhood. As a child, he cannot control his primary impulse to touch, handle and play in order to practice his own effect on the environment.  He experiments a newly discovered rule, to perfect his own knowledge, making some changes and even inventing new things.



Ego Sive Natura is crafted from pitch stone and is SculptureTour Salina's first international piece!  You can purchase this piece for $2,000.

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