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9.  New Dancing Moon


Reven Marie Swanson  ~  Colorado


Ms. Swanson is a native Coloradan and has pursued a career as professional sculptor since 1989.  Her work resides in public and private collections, both nationally and internationally.  Sculptures included in permanent public art collections in Colorado are located in Broomfield, Frisco, Evergreen, Lamar, Fort Collins and Grand Junction.  She has worked as an assistant to sculptor, Robert Mangold for fourteen years.  Her works are represented by Artyard in Denver.


“New Dancing Moon” is a continued exploration of the artist’s “Dancing Moon” series.  The form demonstrates in the most simple geometric shape the moon.  It shimmers and changes shape at every angle, glance or blowing wind, just as the moon does to our naked eye.  The large fused glass disc glows and reflects light as an entertaining reminder of our natural world.  Ms. Swanson’s artwork is about change, movement, balance and growth.  Through the artworks, Ms. Swanson seeks to identify her past and add the influences of the present.  She hopes to speak for the universal woman and attempt to describe the relationship between the natural, instinctual self alongside the contemporary, modern-day self.  The works are often suspended or mounted above ground to imply flight, movement and transitional experiences of growth.  The figures are seeking new horizons while carrying reminders of the past within their bellies.


New Dancing Moon is crafted from mild plate steel cut using a plasma cutter then heat-treated to form a bouncing giant spring.  The fused glass center is a kiln-fired three-layered disc that is highly durable and amusingly bright.  The piece can be purchased for $7,500.

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