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11. On Earth As It Is In The Heavens


Justin Deister, CO

I’m inspired by nature, history and culture, by movies, literature and a really good story of human endeavor. I enjoy tapping into our shared, common, cultural experience for inspiration.   I like to believe that we humans are more similar than we are different in the sense that we share emotion, the will to survive, love and family.   I began the fine art journey a few years ago and discovered I enjoyed the found-object path very interesting because I love the design of things of our man-made environment, from the design of a pocket watch to furniture to architecture.  I redirect these influences and allow them to speak not only about themselves but to evoke new relationships.  I am always growing as an artist, learning how to evoke emotion and reflection upon ideas and formal qualities. I believe we are all creative. Whenever we can we should pause to look at the blue sky and realize we all share the same sky above our planet and find ways to get along.


This piece is second in a series of structures that have to do with human origin, how we got here and why. This one again addresses the material and theory of who we are and what we are made of. It evokes similar forms of primitive monuments erected to honor and attempt to understand our beginnings. In this case a little bit of the heavens has descended to earth to create us and guide us.


Steel, wood, foam, fiberglass, paint, stones. My process is to design a fairly accurate model but not feel to tied to details until the actual construction is underway. Final details will sometimes suggest themselves as the form takes shape, as contrasts and balance materialize.


On Earth As It Is In Heavens can be purchased for $8,400. 

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