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Maureen Hearty, Colorado

Maureen Hearty is a sculptress, gardener, musician, and community organizer who uses art, music, and horticulture as tools for community activation. Born in Littleton, Colorado Maureen has spent the majority of her years in the Denver area and is currently living on the eastern plains working with community members of a depopulating area to build vibrancy through culture. Transforming metal waste into sculptures inspired by the fluctuating social and physical geography, Maureen explores themes of invention, transportation, metamorphosis, decomposition, and migration in her work.


Projection is a flower built from scrap steel with intricate plasma cut designs on the petals and the flower gracefully balances on a projecting triangle. The form also resembles the cone of vision and the flower the eye, commenting on the power of vision and projection.


Site Sponsor: Salina Surgical Hospital


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