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18.  The Potato Man


Susan Geissler  ~  New York


Susan Geissler began her art career in 1984, after schooling in Fine Arts, and working as an anatomical illustrator, graphic designer and art history researcher. Between 1984-1989, Susan's work was seen and enjoyed by millions of people at top outdoor art events around the United States. Susan considers her studio a small outpost of quality, integrity and love of the sculptural science. From this workplace in a small Western New York village, after intense research and anatomical study, several lovingly rendered pieces per year emerge--some exploding with dazzling motion...some resting quietly, but exuding the soft, gentle, whimsical emotion that is a hallmark of her work.  


The Potato Man represents a peasant man carrying a bucket of potatoes.  He can be purchased for $24,000. 

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